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Children enrolled in Wee Kids Child Day Care graduate our program reading sight words, writing and solving simple math problems! We also provide USDA approved breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Child Day Care _Early Education

Early Education: Writing sight words.

Wee Kids Child Care is a full service child day care and preschool. In addition to individually tutoring and preparing your child for kindergarten, we also provide good nutrition.  We  provide three, (3) USDA approved meals instead of snacks.  We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Good nutrition menu plays an important role in a child’s life.  Good nutrition directly contributes to a child’s mental development. Most children have the capacity to learn to walk, understand language, imitate others, use simple tools, and draw conclusions about how other people view the world. Most other child day cares in the area serve only one meal and two snacks.  Children enrolled in our child day care and preschool program graduate not only with a strong academic foundation, but they start kindergarten ahead of the class and eating vegetables, protein, grains, fruits and milk on a daily basis!   

Our USDA approved meals consist of:  A protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit and milk. Please see the examples of our weekly menu.   To learn more about Wee Kids Child Day Care menu, please click here. 

The early child period (0 to 5 years) is considered to be the most important developmental phase throughout the lifespan. That is why understanding the need to invest in the social, emotional and physical development of a child is so important.

Since 1992 Wee Kids Child Day Care has provided a learning environment for our group.   We often see older kids interacting with infants, toddlers and preschoolers during playtime as well as working together during daily school curriculum session. We promote positive interactions, independence, imagination as we also encourage our per-kinder kids to lead by example.  We encourage good manners and social skills among children of all ages.

To learn more about Wee Kids Child Care daily school curriculum, click here.  Our program facilitates and encourages children to learn social skills, vocabulary skills, organization skills, and emotional skills.  To see more videos and examples of our daily school homework please visit our Facebook page.

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The advantages of choosing our Child Day Care are:

  • Your child can graduate our Early Preschool Program writing, reading, and doing math problems!
  • We have the Knowledge and Experience to Make Learning Fun!
  • We provide a Personalized Academic School Curriculum to meet the needs of each child.
  • We provide and Academically Rich Learning Environment.
  • A Nurturing and Loving Place to Feel Safe.
  • A trusted child day care where individuality is respected and encouraged.
  • An experienced staff consisting of child day care professionals.
Early Education_Mastering the 4's addition.

Early Education – Mastering Addition at (4 years)

Our child day care learning facility will provide an environment where your child will feel safe, happy and rewarded. Children enrolled in our child day care program will develop to their full academic, social, emotional, and physical potential.

Our child day care program  targets problem solving, decision making and self help, all while encouraging social communications. All these are essential components which lead to the child’s growth, self respect and self assurance.

In our child day care home, we consider all children deserve to be adored, appreciated and valued. We value each child as a vital and competent person and make an effort to produce developmentally appropriate environments that spark children’s interest while enabling kids to understand through self selected play.

Child Care Kids playing

Kids Learn Best Through Play…. Counting Is Fun!!!


What We Provide for Your Child:

No annual registration fees
Fridays are fun project days
Homemade baby food for infants
Three full meals: Breakfast, lunch, and early dinner following USDA guidelines
Individual instruction for your child, such as tutoring at no additional tuition fees
Daily school session year round Monday through Thursday, “everyone participates”
No additional tuition fees for school materials, art materials, special projects materials
** Our head teacher is a licensed provider with an abundance of experience and assistants are all highly qualified.



  • Preschool program
  • Personal tutoring 
  • Custom homework, (tailored for each child’s age and learning level)
  • Infant curriculum
  • Toddler curriculum
  • Preschool curriculum
  • All school supplies
  • Nutritious meals (approved and monitored by the USDA Food Program). 


  • Formula, (optional)
  • Homemade baby food
  • Nutritious meals (approved and monitored by the USDA Food Program).

FULL MEALS (instead of snacks)

  •  Protein
  • Vegetable
  • Fruit
  • Grain
  • Milk
Early Education for kids

Child Care Kids presenting their Friday Fall Project.

Wee Kids Day Care & Preschool promotes a positive self image and sense of worth within each child with special emphasis on cultural awareness. We build partnerships among parents, staff and the community because we recognize that the active participation of parents is an essential part of any childhood experience.

We are committed

Contact us for more information at (916) 226-6440