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Wee Kids Preschool Policies

Policies are necessary in order to achieve the goal of providing quality child care for infants, toddlers, preschooler and prekindergarten in a learning environment.

Our Preschool and Child care is a State and City licensed daycare home. We meet the safety, health and nutritional standards.  We are CPR and First Aid certified, and the meals we serve are monitored by the USDA Food Program.  Taking care of children is our choice of profession. We enjoy caring for kids and watching them grow and become attached to the other children in our care.

We are professional Preschool and Child Care Providers, not  babysitters.  Our goal is to provide your child/children with a clean, safe, comfortable environment where children can play and learn with guidance and loving care while you are at work or attending school. In order to make our relationship as enjoyable as possible, the following preschool and child care policies are necessary.  The policies are mutually beneficial requirements necessary to assure there are no misunderstandings between either party; that each party is aware of the requirements, and that these requirements are carried out in a business-like manner.

This page covers:  Days and hours of operation, fees, full time, part time (no longer available), school age kids (no longer available), late fees, insufficient funds, overtime fees, training/re-certification days, illnesses, immunizations, medications, potty training, meals, supplies, pick up drop off, vacations, provider’s vacation, termination notice, special circumstances, dress code, discipline, parking, car seats, unattended children in the car, unattended running cars, and government subsidy guidelines.

Before we take the responsibility of caring for your child I “MUST” have the following on file:
· Signed Policy Handbook Agreement
· Signed Financial Agreement
· All paper work as required by licensing regulations including a copy of your child’s/children shot record
· Client & General information forms.


BUSINESS OPERATIONS HOURS:  7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Extended hours are available at $1.00 per minute that you are late.

  • CONTRACT IS BASED ON 52 WEEKS PERIOD:  Licensing allows a limited amount of enrollment. Each child takes a space; therefore weekly tuition is due based on space “not on attendance”.
  • TRIAL PERIOD:  There is a four months trial period.  Any time during the trial period parents as well as provider may terminate contract without the recommended notice to quit.
  • DAYS AND HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday through Friday.  7:00 am. To 5:00 pm.
  • EXTENDED HOURS: Extended hours are available at $1.00 per minute.
  • TUITION DUE:  All child care tuition is due on Friday, (In Advance), for the child care week starting the following Monday.
  • OPEN DOOR POLICY:  It is the California law that parents may inspect the child care home without advance notice whenever the child is in care.
  • FULL-TIME:    Full-time child care service is based on 30 hours or more per week.                                          
  • PART-TIME:    We no longer offer this service.
  • SCHOOL AGE KIDS:  We no longer offer this service.
  • SIBLINGS: Siblings or anyone who is not enrolled in preschool program is “not welcome to come and play with children enrolled in program”.  This limitations are for the benefit and safety of everyone. If you bring other children to pick up the child who is enrolled in our program, please make a quick departure.
  • CHILD CARE TUITION: Child care tuition is due based on ENROLLMENT and not onATTENDANCE”.   Tuition is due Friday, (in advance), a work day before the week of child care.  You may pay fees weekly, biweekly or once a month.
  • Fees are paid based on 52 weeks per year, including your vacation, provider’s vacation or your child’s absence.  I depend on this income as you depend on yours.
  • LATE FEES:  A fee of $2.00 per day will be charges each day child care tuition is not paid on time.
  • INSUFFICIENT FUNDS:  A fee of $40.00dollars will be charged to cover bank and bookkeeping fees.  All bank and tuition fees must be paid in cash the very next day to avoid additional late fees.
  • OVERTIME FEES:  A fee of $1.00 per every minute that you will be late pick up your child.
  • PAID HOLIDAYS:  State and Federal Holidays are paid holidays and are included in your weekly child care tuition.
  • TRAINING/ RE CERTIFICATION DAYS:  Training or re-certification is to benefit your child and are not Considered holidays or part of provider’s vacation.
  • ILLNESSES:  Ill children cannot be kept in my care.  An ill child is one who has a fever of (100 degrees or more), has heavy drainage from the eyes, nose, ears, or has a contagious infection such as pink eye, strep throat and the like.  I do not have a medical license, and I am not licensed to administer over-the-counter medication.
  • IMMUNIZATION:  The State Law states that you provide documentation of your child’s immunization within 14 days of attendance (see Daycare Immunization Law),  unless you provide a medical or religion waiver.
  • MEDICATION:  Only prescription medications with the child’s name can be administered as long as it has the doctor’s instructions, and I also require that you provide a signed authorization note.  I do not have a medical license, and I am not licensed to administer over-the-counter medication.
  • POTTY TRAINING: Potty training starts at 33 months.  I will gladly assist with potty training your child as long as I feel he or she is emotionally ready for the task and we have a clear understanding that you (the parent) and I (the provider) will work together as a team. Your child will not learn the mechanics of going potty, if the mechanics and consistency is not used at home.  You must consistently work with your child at home, during vacation and over weekends before I begin potty training here.  The child“MUST” go five days, without a wet or soiled diaper or accidents at day care, before using making the transition to cloth underwear.

Clothing should be easy to manage to encourage the child’s fine motor skills. Buckles, belts, overalls and suspenders are not recommended to wear during potty training.  When in a hurry to use the bathroom, the difficult clothing to manage may create a problem and frustrate the child setting him/her back in potty training.  I also require that each potty training child use diapers or pull-ups.   Extra changes of clothing are also necessary, including socks.

  • MEALS SERVED:  Our meals and snacks are approved and monitored by the FDA Food Program.

MEALTIMES ARE:   Please note that your child must be present during mealtimes in order to participate.

                       Breakfast           7:30 am.

                       Lunch                 11:00 am.

                       Early Dinner    3:45 – 4:00  To learn about our menu please click here.

  • SUPPLIES:  Parents are responsible for supplying: bottles, bibs, diapers & wipes, a full change of clothing, a crib sheet, a jacket and a blanket.
  • PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF:  Only the authorized adults listed on your child’s release forms in the enrollment handout are able to pick up your child (unless a planned arrangement with provider is made ahead of time, and a written authorization by one of the parents is provided).
  • VACATIONS:  When a parent takes a vacation, I ask that you give me a 2 week notice prior to your vacation.  All fees are due in advance, regardless of the duration of your vacation, unless you schedule an electronic payment.  Otherwise, parents are subject to late fees, and child care services will terminate as this action will be considered a breach of contract.
  • PROVIDER’S VACATION:  The provider will close child care services for three weeks each year.  The provider’s vacations are classified as spring, summer, or winter breaks, and the three weeks off are included in the 52 weeks of child care fees paid in the year. The provider reserves the judgment to schedule to take the three weeks off at one time during the holidays, or take a one week for  winter break in conjunction with the holidays, or extend a summer break to two weeks, as provider sees fit, or not take any breaks at all.  The provider will provide 30 days notice when schedule breaks are not listed in the calendar year.
  • LAUNDRY:  We do “not” provide laundry services.  The only laundry we do on a weekly basis is washing the crib shits the children use to sleep on.  Parents are required to provide a clean change of clothes as need be.
  • TERMINATION NOTICE:  One month written and dated notice, (30 days) is required by the parent to notify provider. Fees will still be due if the parent withdraws the child before notice is given, or at any given time during the notice. One month’s fees may be paid in lieu of one month’s notice.  Termination notice will NOT be accepted while provider or parents are on vacation. 
  • SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES TO TERMINATE CHILD CARE WITHOUT NOTICE:  The provider reserves the discretion to terminate child care without prior notice for the following reasons:
  1. Child’s destructive or hurtful behavior that persists, even with parent cooperation in stopping the behavior.  This includes: hitting, kicking, biting, pulling hair, throws toys or other objects with the intent to harm another child.
  2. If parents knowingly bring their child ill.
  3. Failure to complete required forms.
  4. Fees, late fees, or other fees are outstanding longer than five, (5) days.
  5. Blatant disrespect towards the provider or the provider’s family.
  6. Inability to provide for child’s need without additional staff.
  7. Failure to comply with the Wee Kids Child Care policies agreement.
  • DRESS CODE:  All children must start their day fully dressed, and in a clean diaper or pair of underwear depending on the child’s age and potty training status. Pajamas are not acceptable.  Each child should have a warm jacket for winter and a light sweatshirt for spring time.
  • DISCIPLINE POLICY:  My philosophy is to encourage positive behavior and good decision-making.  I praise good deeds, teach the children to respect one another, and I re-direct the children when needed.  When a child continues to test the boundaries, I have the child “sit down and think about his or her actions.”  I also encourage the child to explain his or her actions.  It works like a good luck charm. This is the same concept of using “time out time,” but I do not care to use that term.  PARKING:  I ask that you be courteous and allow room for a second car to park next to you if you use the driveway.  Other parents are here to pick up their child, just as you have the same need, and the court does not have much room to park.    Please do not block my neighbors’ driveway, or your car will be subject to towing it away at your own expense.
  • CAR SEATS:  The California Vehicle Code #27315 CVC states that all children under 60 pounds of weight must use a car seat.  The car seat must be used properly and in good working condition.   All car seats must be in the back seat.
  • UNATTENDED CHILDREN IN THE CAR:  Children should not be left unattended in the car for their own safety.  This is also against California law.
  • LEAVING CARS RUNNING UNATTENDED:  It is not only against the California law to leave your car running unattended, but my neighbors are watching, and I can be cited by my homeowners association.  I will then have the need to pass on the infraction cost to you.
  • GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY CHILD CARE:  I require one month child care deposit for parents who qualify for subsidy care.  The deposit will be refunded when I receive the final subsidy payment for your child care fees. Providing you give me proper notice as required before termination of child care services, there are no other outstanding fees owed such as late fees and/or overtime fees.

In addition to child care policies; we also have a Facebook page. To see more art projects, seasonal songs the children have learned, pictures, or articles, please click here.

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