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“[companyname]” offers early rigorous preschool instruction for alternative development of children in the developing ages from infancy to 5 years.

The preschool instruction addresses all vital areas of early childhood growth, like self help, mental, motor and social with particular focus on vocabulary skills advancement.

The preschool instruction system is supported with improvement and ongoing up gradation of the curriculum for instruction in various skill areas as well as in various dialects.

“[companyname]” prepares children from preschool age on up through diverse progressive teaching/learning assistance in skill training in distinct areas of learning.

 We are a licensed preschool and child care home under the Department of Children and Family Services. Our teachers are qualified and well educated professionals.

Our mission is to provide the daily care and exceptional education needed by your child in a unique, warm and nurturing environment. Our program is intentionally made to educate to every area of advancement.

Our goal is to produce the complete character of every child by giving hands on academic experiences of long term worth like spirituality, intellectual, socially / emotionally and physically.

We offer:

  • Early Literacy: 
    • Tracing first name
    • Tracing the alphabet
    • Tracing days of the week
    • Identifying the name of colors
    • Learning the sound of the letters
    • Coloring the letter and picture of the day
    • Tracing and identifying the days of the week
    • Tracing and matching upper and lower case letters
    • Tracing the name of a color and matching the name to its matching color to name a few.


    • Counting
    • Patterns
    • Learning shapes
    • Sequence of numbers
    • Tracing numbers (1 to 100)
    • Counting numbers in 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s to 100.

    Social and environmental development:

    Our child care in Elk Grove offers structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment, in combination to the low ratio of children I provide, allows me to successfully guide and instruct the children on the following.

    • Following directions
    • Learning to take turns
    • Learning to develop friendships
    • Learning to share and respect one another

    Language development:

    As your child interacts with other children at [companyname], your child is building reasoning and communication skills.  I see the toddler and preschool age as the perfect time to introduce early academic skills. Our child care preschool structure offers a daily schedule that allows me to ask questions and encourage the child to explain his or her understanding of the homework while guiding the child to expand his or her vocabulary.


    Kids’ music is a great tool to encourage infants, pre-school, and pre-Kinder children to engage in social skills.  We listen to this upbeat, pleasant, positive, and educational music throughout the day in our day care.


    • Coloring
    • Painting
    • Seasonal projects    

 At “[companyname]” we consider that well trained employees as well as an excellent program provides children with an important edge in their education and general wellbeing.

From the tender age of 2 weeks and up, children are involved with age appropriate instruction to assist them in learning coordination in crawling, walking, standing and running, singing and dancing.

We are committed

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