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Toddlers mastering fine motor skills.



How does Wee Kids Day Care provide care for your youngest while nurturing their growth and development?

The answer is often found in the curriculum. The curriculum you choose, and the quality of how you implement that curriculum, affects the quality of care for those infants and toddlers. Choosing a curriculum that fits the needs of your infants and toddlers, their families, and, of course, you, is a very important decision that requires careful consideration.

Research based and child focused, the High Scope Infant-Toddler Curriculum uses a carefully designed process of learning through discovery, called active participatory learning. During active learning, caregivers encourage infants and toddlers to discover the world around them by exploring and playing. Learning and development are anchored by long-term, trusting relationships with caregivers, who are close at hand to support children as they play.

Curriculum Components:

Wee Kids Day Care is a family child care & Preschool.  Our toddler curriculum include early literacy, math, social development, language, music and art.  We custom design all the homework for each of the children in our home based childcare and pre-school program to establish not only an early academic, but also a strong foundation according to the child’s own individual ability and developmental process.

Providing tailored homework specifically designed for each child allows us to positively direct and expand your child’s  academic performance by building self confidence and readiness to academically challenge your child in our program.

Early Literacy:

Wee Kids Preschool

Mastering writing skills

  • Tracing first name
  • Tracing the alphabet
  • Tracing days of the week
  • Identifying the name of colors
  • Learning the sound letters make
  • Coloring the letter and picture of the day
  • Tracing and identifying the days of the week
  • Tracing and matching upper and lower case letters
  • Tracing the name of a color and matching the name to its matching color




  • Counting
  • Patterns
  • Learning shapes
  • Sequence of numbers
  • Tracing numbers (1 to 100)
  • Counting numbers in 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s.

Social and environmental development:

Wee Kids Children Communicating Outside

Our child care in Elk Grove offers structured play in a fun, safe and nurturing environment, in combination to the low ratio of children we provide, allows us to successfully guide and instruct the children on the following.

  • Following directions
  • Learning to take turns
  • Learning to develop friendships
  • Learning to share and respect one another


Language development:

Learning Communication Skills

As your child interacts with other children in our day care, your child is building reasoning and communication skills. We see infants, toddlers and preschool age children as the perfect time to introduce early academic skills. Our child care preschool structure offers a daily schedule that allows us to ask questions and encourage the child to explain his or her understanding of the homework while guiding the child to expand his or her vocabulary.


Kids’ music is a great tool to encourage infants, pre-school, and pre-Kinder children to engage in social skills. We say music makes a happy soul, so we listen and sing to this upbeat, pleasant, positive, and educational music throughout the day in our day care facility.




  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Seasonal projects    
  • Fun projects every Friday!

We also offer a variety of projects and games for holidays and special events throughout the year at no additional cost to tuition.





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