Prechool Schedule

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Wee Kids Preschool and Child Care Schedule:

Our business hours are 7:00 am. to 5:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

  • We offer extended business hours to accommodate your needs for an extra fee.
  • Extended hours are fee: $10.00 per every 15 minutes, after your contacted hours.
  • We serve:  Protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit, and milk. Please see Menus at the bottom of the page.


7:00 am.           Drop off – Free play

7:30 am.          BREAKFAST

8:00 am.           Clean up

8:15 amHomework time:  We work on homework every day.

  • Beginning Writing Skills:
    • Infants: Color.
    • Toddlers:
    • Preschool children: Trace their name, letters and numbers.
    • Connect line dot to dot forming letters, numbers, and pictures.
    • Advanced preschool aged children: Begin to freehand write their
      name, letters, count numbers from 1 to 100.
    • Pre-Kindergarten children: Freehand write their name, letters, numbers,
      count giving their answer in multiple choice form, and start Math problems.
  • Colors and Shapes:

    • Matching shapes.
    • Following coloring directions and identifying shapes.
    • Matching colors to the written name version of the color.
  •  Reading Readiness:
  • Identify objects that belong together.
        • Identify objects that do not belong together.
        • Match capital letters to lower case letters.
        • Matching pictures to the beginning sound letter.
  • Math Readiness:
        • Counting in 1’s to 100.
        • Counting in 5’s to 100.
        • Counting in 10’s to 100.
        • Identifying objects to the perspective number.
        • Matching numbers to the written version of the number.
        • Adding problems!
        • Subtracting!
  • Sounds and Letter:
            • Learning the alphabet
            • Learning the sound that each letter makes
            • Learning the vowels
            • Learning the two sounds that each vowels makes.
            • Learning the two sounds that each letter makes


  • Number Concept:
    • Following directions on how many objects to color
    • Forming groups with counting objects
    • Identifying the number in the groups.


10:00 am.   Flexible time:  we either play outside or we continue working on homework.

11:00 am.         LUNCH

  • Lunch consists of: A protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit and milk. Clean up


11:30 am.   Clean up

12:00 am.   Nap time

3:45 p.m.          DINNER

  • Dinner consists of: A protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit and milk.


4:15 p.m.          Outside play during summer or free coloring worksheet during

the winter.

5:00 p.m.Pick up time, and end of our day.


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