Preschool Curriculum

Creativity begins as a toddler and toddlers learn best through play. 


Our Toddler Curriculum offers a secure, nurturing and a learning environment.


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Tasks include self help abilities that guide the children enrolled in our Toddler Curriculum to academic freedom, focus and development of self esteem. These Practical Life actions include grace and politeness, appropriate interaction with other individuals, appropriate treatment of their surroundings and self control.

Toddler Curriculum includes training in holding crayons and the use of fine motor skills.  We provide individual tutoring and directions on the tailored class work to best accommodate and academically challenge your child.

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Our Toddler Curriculum procedure is to encourage thinking out of the box.  Encouraging our toddlers to experiment their learning environment is stressed as this supports imagination and self expression. Tots adore songs; during group time, they hear, perform and react to several kinds of popular and traditional songs. Motion songs and finger play helps them take charge of the sounds and movements.

Our toddler academic curriculum events are progressive, enjoyable activities and very often the children can’t wait to share their discoveries, activities, Friday projects and other fun plays they learned or worked on at Wee Kids Day Care & Preschool with parents.

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  • Math
  • Early Literacy
  • Language Development
  • Social and Emotional Development

Toddlers ReadingMath:

  • Introduction to shapes
  • Introduction to numbers
  • Counting in 1’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Introduction to numbers (1-100)

03-20151002_090115Early Literacy:

  • Introduction to shapes
  • Outside free play
  • Hands-on coloring
  • Introduction to colors
  • Hands-on art projects
  • Introduction to letters sounds
  • Learning through creative free play
  • Learning by interacting with older kids

Toddlers Writing

Language Development:

All of those sounds developed as an infant will evolve into words, and your child will begin to understand the relationship between cause and effect, such as: Dropping toys frequently and having others pick the toys up.

Social and Emotional Development:You can clearly see the progress an infant makes while he/she grows into the toddler stage and develops a more advanced level of emotional, mental, and social understanding.

Toddlers At Table

Wee Kids Day Care & Preschool is the perfect place for your child to develop social and fine motor skills.  At the toddler stage, I facilitate new and fun learning experiences and encourage the children to improve their physical, cognitive, creative, emotional and social development by picking up, sorting, arranging learning tools during school time.  Past and current children at “Wee Kids Day Care” frequently arrange toys during free play, which reflects their expanding imagination and self-esteem.

We also offer a variety of projects and games for holidays and special events throughout the year at no additional cost to tuition.

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