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General Provider Information

I am a full-time child care provider.  Both my assistant and I are pediatric CPR and First-Aid certified, as required of all California State licensed child care providers.  I always have an assistant at hand to help make the transition of daily activities go fast and smoothly.  Together, we continuously use language and encourage the children to engage in conversation by participating in dialogue, reading, and singing.

Bio – How I became a provider

I was working as an accountant when my husband and I had our first child.  We placed our daughter in a large licensed child care center.  After a few months, we were horrified.  Our cheerful, articulate and bright daughter became more withdrawn and quiet.  My husband and I were worried that our daughter was suffering from the center’s large ratio of caretakers to children.  Our daughter’s behavior changes were not improving and we wanted to make sure she would be socially and academically ready for kindergarten.  Ultimately, we pulled our daughter out of the well-known center.  I left the accounting firm and to prepare our daughter for kindergarten.

Before I knew it, I had a small daycare license!  My daughter and the other children in my care could read and write fluently!  All of the children received social interaction and were able to develop academic skills we were looking for.  The families I have served, my husband, and myself all believe that academic success is found from my ration of one teacher for six children.

Fast forward two decades later, my daughter graduated from university and earned her juris doctorate.  My son is currently applying to astrophysics programs with his eyes set on graduate school too!  Kids that first came to my daycare also have graduated from college, and others are currently touring colleges.  As much as I value what I do, it is reassuring to hear the parents of former students tell me how precious my time was to their child’s first five years.

I enjoy working with kids as much as I did when I first started working with my daughter and her friends.

There is nothing like introducing a child to a new song, a new word to write, or even learning simple addition.  I take great pride in my work and I love staying in contact with former students and their families.

As a family child care provider, I think of my kids and their parents as extended family.  I strongly believe that working as a team with the parents helps their children flourish.  The academic and social preparation that a child receives in my care and in your home during the first five years of his/her life build the foundation to succeed in kindergarten.

I also believe that consistency and direction are only found when a child has positive guidance.  At Wee Kids Day Care and Preschool, we work with parents.  My passion and care compliment the love and desire you have for your child to succeed while you are away.


Our Philosophy

We believe child care should be a comfortable, supportive and nurturing environment for each kid.  All of the children in our care interact together in order to provide opportunities to interact socially with friends with different ages and levels of development.  The kids in our care learn from example and application.  This helps develop self-reliant, independent and confident children with a strong foundation for kindergarten.

While the high level of care that your child receives is our top priority, we also value the importance of communication with parents.  We update parents regularly with each child’s milestones.  We find this is very important to first-time parents and beneficial for all families who are preparing for the school years ahead.

Services Provided:

  • Full time child care services for infants, toddlers and preschool children
  • Full meals consisting of: Protein, a grain, a vegetable, a fruit and milk
  • Daily education and instruction for infants, toddlers, and preschool kids
  • Convenient and local day care starting at infancy to kindergarten
  • Trained and skilled teachers in a family setting


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