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Wee kids Child Care-Preschool is a family licensed child care establishment, since1992.   


  Hello, my name is Esther!

          When I had my first child, I was working as an accountant.  My husband and I placed our daughter in a large licensed child care center.  After a few months, we noticed our cheerful, articulate and bright daughter become introverted and develop what I call a “defense mechanism.”  It is common for a defense mechanism to develop at a daycare where the ratio of adults to children is large- even at the big, prestigious child care centers.  Like many other parents, my husband and I sought out other preschools, hoping that we would find one beneficial for our child’s development.

        I chose to leave my accounting career to stay home and regain the self-confidence and radiant personality my daughter was rapidly losing at her large child care center.  Like every parent, I wanted first-rate care for my child.  I soon realized I could provide guidance and better academic instruction than that at the large preschool.  Therefore, I began setting my daughter’s academic foundation and founded a small family child care when my daughter was three years old.

      Almost two decades later, I am proud to say both of my children could read and write fluently at the age of 3 1/2 years old.  My daughter graduated from high school with honors, and got accepted to all eight universities she applied to.   My daughter has not only graduated from university magna cum laude; but she also received her Juris Doctorate in law.  I provided my son with an equally strong foundation to succeed in school.  As an eighth grader, my son received the presidential academic award.  My son not only graduated high school with a respectable grade point average; but he also received the Golden Seal Academic Award in high school, as he also continues to academically stand out in college.

        If you wonder why I continue providing child care, I can honestly tell you I enjoy my job as much as I did eighteen years ago.  The world seems more beautiful through the eyes of a child.  I take great pride in my work as a child care provider and hope to provide your child with a strong academic foundation- one far superior to a large child care center.

           I strongly believe my nurturing demeanor helps cultivate a child’s confidence.   The academic and social preparation that a child receives in my care and in your home during the first five years of his/her life build the foundation to succeed in kindergarten.

          I also believe that the consistency and individual direction is only found when a child has the positive guidance that an attentive adult is not only willing to encourage, but also has the ability to provide it and foster a sensible development.  At Wee Kids Child Care-Preschool, parents will find these qualities,  due  in part to the small ratio of one adult to six children.  My high quality care compliments the love and desire you have for your child to succeed while you are at work or school.

          Thank you,


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I am committed to help each and every child in my care develop thestudy skills necessary for them tosucceed in Kindergarten.

Child Care Services include:

  • Personal tutoring 
  • Custom design homework 
  • Infant curriculum
  • Toddler curriculum
  • Preschool curriculum
  • Pre-Kinder curriculum 
  • Formula
  • Homemade baby food
  • All preschool materials
  • Nutritious meals aproved and monitored by USDA food program. 

I offer a ratio of one adult to six children.  

  •  two infants
  •  four toddlers children.



Occasionally:  I have one or two school age children, who have graduated my preschool in the past come for a visit, “only” when their school is off track. 

Grade appropriate homework is provided for the children, so that their knowledge and study skills remains updated for when their school is back in session.


Additional information:


  • I customize each and all homework provided to each and every children according to their abilities and needs.      


  • Once I see a child master each of the academic stages, the child advances to the next educational level to challenge his/her developmental skill.



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